Compassionate Women Initiative (CWI) brings the joy of the gospel to vulnerable groups of people in Ugandan rural communities and blesses them with a brighter future. Some of the special interest groups like women are the center of the family and a powerful inroad for ministry. Our programs train these special interest groups in practical, essential skills that bring the abundance of Christ into their lives.

Four areas of Our Ministry

Our programs are divided into four areas:

Evangelism & Wellness

This critical area of our ministry focuses on improving people’s lives and relationships as a means for evangelism. These programs and initiatives offer spiritual, emotional, and psycho/social support. For many people, these programs offer the first step toward personal peace that can only be found in the gospel. By helping people restore their families and friendships, we illustrate how a relationship with Christ can bless their lives. 

Programs and Ministries:

  • Palliative Care Terminal Illness (Link)
  • Evangelism & Discipleship using the ALPHA course (Link)
  • Trauma Healing (Link)

Reproductive health and material support

This segment of our ministry focuses on reproductive health and material support as a path to evangelism. Our family health programs and material support initiatives provide basic and immediate needs for women, children, and the elderly. Once we have built that bridge to their hearts, we are able to share the glory of the gospel. It’s been the core of our ministry since the beginning.

Programs and Ministries:

  • Grace Ministry (Link)
  • Widows (Link)
  • Feeding Program (Link)
  • Medical Outreaches (Link)
  • Wise Choices for Life (Link)
  • Medical Support (Link)


Academic Scholarships 

This future-thinking area of our ministry provides education and training opportunities for rural children and youth. We bless their lives with practical skills and access to educational opportunities as an inroad for evangelism. Overall, our academic scholarships connect children, students, and local people with learning resources they couldn’t otherwise access. It’s a key part of our mission allowing us to not only train individuals but also hire skilled local people to work for CWI. 


Programs and Ministries:

  • School fees for orphans and Widows children (Link)
  • Single mother families (Link)
  • Low-income children (Link)
  • Bright learners’ scholarship (Link)


Business Empowerment and Economic Recovery

This segment of our ministry creates ways for individuals and families to gain financial stability. We use these connections as an opportunity to share the gospel and bless the lives of the people in our community. Each program offers individuals and families a means to raise their financial position by starting or expanding a small, family business. This includes several sustainable projects that put our local community on the path to economic recovery. We’ve used them for many years to build a bridge for ministry.


Then in 2020-2021, the COVID-19 pandemic wrecked Uganda’s already-unstable economy. Our programs created new business opportunities for several families and individuals who lost their livelihood during this unprecedented crisis. 


Programs and Ministries:

  • WELFARE (Link)
  • Apprenticeship in the Art Studio and Farm (Link)
  • Widows (Link)
  • Single parent families (Link)


Why We Do It 

On a day-to-day basis, we’re growing a mission that will outlast all of us by empowering Ugandans and their children. Although we get to meet their physical needs (such as medical care and relief food), that is not our main focus. We have developed several sustainable projects, scholarships, and training programs to change their economic position and reshape their entire family’s future. Apart from Diana Ferrell, everyone on our staff and in our programs is local to the area. Many grew up with the ministry and have continued partnering with us as adults. 


At CWI, we connect with faith-based programs and partnerships in our area— making us a hub for both aid and opportunity. We partner with local churches and ministries, seminary students, and overseas missions teams for evangelistic outreach and humanitarian projects. Whenever someone knocks on our door, we’re ready to connect them with the help they need and start a relationship for future, gospel-centered conversations. 

We always link these relationships back to our vision “… to have every life empowered to be lived abundantly in Jesus.” Each of the sections below explains how each program connects back to our MISSION STATEMENT.