Sustainable Project

CWI Farm is another of CWI’s Sustainable Projects with poultry and agriculture. These profits that are accrued facilitate CWI’s core projects of Discipleship, Training, Community Health, and Mercy Ministries.
Currently, CWI has built a new chicken house that will hold 2000 layers. The goal is by 2022 to have 4,000 layer birds in both chicken houses. Chicks are purchased, raised, and the resulting chickens produce eggs daily for income generation. To ensure that we have chickens throughout the entire year, CWI farm needs to procure a minimum of 1,000 layer birds every 5-months, which costs about $490 each purchase. The old chickens that cannot lay anymore are sold-off. The manure from the chicken is sold as well as helping to feed our pigs. The chicken project provides additional revenues for training and health work.
CWI Farm holds training on Farming God’s Way, Modern Poultry Keeping, and Agricultural studies with interns and volunteers.
Future Prospects
CWI has bought 5 acres of land at Bulanga on the highway to Iganga district. CWI is working on building our Agro-Tourism and Training Center. The land’s first project will be building a big house for our 23 pigs at our Mercy Ministry Coordinators’ home. The farm will be a model farm for agritourism, farm demonstrations, a training facility, accommodations, a camping site, and others.
CWI also intends to farm fish as we have a lot of water to facilitate fish farming.
These all projects on the farm are geared towards improving CWI’s income to reach out to communities with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus and continue responding to people’s needs in the communities we work with and win them for Christ.
This is a five-year project with phases. As we build, it will start making money to maintain itself and our other projects.