Our Staff

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Meet Our Team

God has blessed our ministry with godly, talented individuals from all walks of life.

Our Board

President Rose Roach – Rose has visited Uganda 3 times and helped with many projects. She is retired from Teaching Nursing, Secretary Barbara Alleman – has visited Uganda. She is Diana’s best friend and very willing to help with the ministry of CWI both in USA and Ug. She is a partner in an Antiques Shop and works for the local government. Treasure – Sandy Brewer has not yet been to Uganda but she and her husband hope to visit soon. Sandy is a CPA in Lynchburg, VA. Directors: Nancy Hephill – has been to Uganda many times. She loves the people and the work that CWI is doing. She wanted to help in our new venture. Donna Witt – has also been many times. She is Diana’s sister. Donna is a local government employee in Lynchburg, VA  Our ministry is overseen by a board of Christian men and women who lead with integrity, compassion, and wisdom. 

Our Staff

Our incredible team members from both the United States and Uganda run the day-to-day operations of the Compassionate Women Initiative. In Uganda, 30 locals work in key support positions. We prioritize jobs for Ugandans over Westerners to create more employment opportunities in the region.