Mission Trips

Evangelistic Mission

The harvest is ripe, and the laborers are few. The urgency to reach out to the lost is more than ever before needed. With a distorted World, Only Christ can restore order a mid-such confusion.
That is why CWI, with your support every day and every year, avails itself to preach the good news of the Kingdom of God. Christ touches the hearts of the lost with His love, changes their lives, heals their illnesses, mends their broken hearts, and assures them of eternity.
CWI believes that there is no actual transformation without Spiritual Transformation. CWI reaches out to people in prisons, hospitals, slums which are in hopeless situations to restore hope. Our mission statement is to ensure that every life is lived abundantly in Christ Jesus.
CWI holds four (4) Evangelistic Missions every year in partnership with rural churches to extend the Kingdom of God. We have open-air meetings, hospital outreaches, door-to-door evangelism, concerts, Gospel Films, radio sharing, and soccer matches to preach the Gospel to the community during these week-long missions. Afterward, we follow up with new Christian discipleship classes through the church.
Each of these weeks typically costs about $2,000. That includes food, transport, sound system, and materials for the missionaries/evangelists. We also buy Bibles for the church to help the new Christians. Seventy-Two (72) Bibles in Luganda and English are approximately $600 for the church with which we are working.