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As COVID-19 spread around the world, the pandemic devastated communities throughout Uganda. In 2020, Uganda was under a total lockdown for over 3 months. Businesses crumbled, families went hungry, children missed school, and many people lost their livelihood.

Rising to action, our CWI team brought food relief to hungry families in local communities. With this, we brought a message of hope.

Our outreach efforts created connections to share the love of God and the hope of heaven with people in need. One of these people was Glen**.

Our team at CWI met Glen during our ministry operations. Glen’s sickly and frail appearance signaled his physical, mental, and spiritual distress. As we became acquainted, Glen revealed that was suffering from a condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis. This painful inflammatory disease fuses the small bones of the spine and impacts mobility over time.

In addition to poor health, Glen was experiencing a personal decline. Once, he had been a rich man with a luxurious mansion that he built on the shores of the Nile. Glen had owned a thriving business with family and friends surrounding him.

Now, his company was struggling as frequent power failures interrupted his business operations. Even though Glen sued the power company, the case stalled in the courts for nearly two years. As the Covid 19 lockdown continued, his case moved even more slowly.

As his fortunes diminished, most of his family and friends abandoned him. He was alone except for his sick wife, Barbara, and a caretaker.

Just like his broken body, failed relationships, and struggling business, his once beautiful mansion stood in ruins.

Glen was ready for a message of hope.

As Glen told us of his misfortune, we encouraged him with the Word and assured him of our unwavering support. Before he left, we handed Glen a food package. At this small gesture, he broke down in tears.

We began ministering to Glen each month. We visited Glen, prayed with him, and brought food and medicines. During our time, we reassured Glen of God’s love and unfailing compassion.

One day, Glen confided that he had been a Christian but became angry with God.  His first wife had divorced him and the church had thrown him out when he remarried. Despite that past spiritual rejection, Glen wanted to pray with us right then. We were shocked. As Glen trumpeted that prayer, our team rejoiced. God was softening his hard heart!

Several months later, Glen rededicated his life to Christ.

Unfortunately, Glen’s health continued to deteriorate and we took him to the hospital for better treatment. Despite the care, Glen passed on.

What joy unspeakable and great assurance he brought with him into the next life! Glen had returned to the Lord and made heaven for eternity.

Many thanks to you for allowing us to serve Glen and guide him toward Heaven. Your generous support can facilitate ministry to many, many, others just like Glen.

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**Name changed for privacy.