Diana Ferrell and CWI Ministries

“I listen to the people. I care for them. I give them medicine. I feed them. I teach them how to dig out their hopes and dreams for their lives. I use these dreams to build a bridge to Christ — the only hope and the only source of life. And their lives begin to change radically.” — Diana Ferrell, the CEO of Compassionate Women Initiative USA and Missionary Director for Compassionate Women Initiative Uganda.


Diana Ferrell is a Global Outreach International missionary living and working in Jinja, Uganda, East Africa. For 20 years, she has been leading a ministry project known as the Compassionate Women Initiative. 

Before taking over this ministry, Diana worked for Mt. Vernon Christian School as a High School teacher where she led short-term mission trips to Eastern Europe. From 1997 to 2000, Diana grew her knowledge and expertise related to humanitarian aid, mission administration, and evangelistic outreach. During this time, Diana also worked with Mt. Vernon Baptist Church in Stockbridge, Georgia as part of their missions ministry.

In 2000, Diana’s father was diagnosed with cancer. So, she left Mt. Vernon Baptist Church and moved to Kentucky to support her family. Although she didn’t know it at the time, this was a pivotal moment where God moved in Diana’s life. 

As she was living there, her former pastor, Harold Cathey, Beverly, his wife, and a missionary named Dorothy Ferris who had recently moved back to the area from Uganda. 

Dorothy was planning to retire and praying for another godly person to take over her ministries in Uganda. As Diana met with Dorothy, she learned about the Ugandan ministry — which stayed in the back of her mind. 

When Diana’s father passed away in October 2000, she considered her next steps. She had traveled all over Europe, so she decided to visit Africa for the first time. 

For two weeks, she explored the breathtaking county, met the beautiful people, and uncovered the ministry opportunities. When she returned home, Diana’s pastor asked what she wanted to do about all that she had seen in Uganda. Diana said, “To teach the Word of God because in it are the only words of Life”.

Shortly after, in March of 2001, Diana accepted God’s calling to go to Uganda as the Missionary Director for the Compassionate Women Initiative. Dorothy Ferris coordinated the transition by connecting her with the ministry and supporting churches. By February 2002, Diana was ready to go to Uganda. 

Since then, Diana has lived and served in Uganda alongside a team that is transforming the villages around the country. It’s her home and they are her family. 

“For two decades, I’ve made Uganda my home so I can bring the message of Christ to these special people. I have fallen in love with them and the essence of hope that is deeply buried in the soil of Uganda. And I plan to stay until his work through me is done.” — Diana Ferrell, the CEO of Compassionate Women Initiative USA NONPROFIT NAME and Missionary Director for Compassionate Women Initiative Uganda.