Art Studio Uganda

The CWI Art Studio is the second of our sustainable projects. The Art Studio specializes in making cards with the uniqueness of beautiful multicolored Kitengi materials. The Studio also designs crown earrings, bracelets of paper-beads and threads, scrunchies, headbands, and Kitengi animals. CWI also supports other artists in the community, especially the disadvantaged, by buying their products.
The purpose of the Art Studio is to raise support for the CWI ministry projects. That way, CWI will not have to go to outside sources to continue its ministry into the future.
The Art Studio gives back to the community by offering free craft training to unemployed women. This training can help empower women to generate their income or add to their income to earn a living to support their families.

You can shop our products on the Craft Studio page. Here are some of the things you can buy: Small and Large Kitengi Cards – Holidays, Animals, Baby, etc. Scrunchies and Headbands made from Kitengi materials Our famous Crown Earrings and paper-bead earrings, Kitengi cushions for your sofas , necklaces, bracelets, and stuffed animals. Check it out!! The Craft Studio USA is also open for shopping online at These are all shipped from the USA to the USA and Canada.