Evangelistic Mission

A Wise Man once said, “To win souls is to be Wise”. Christ's Good News breaks through a community’s desperation. Christ changes their lives. He heals their illnesses, mends their broken hearts and gives them hope.

CWI believes that there is no real actual transformation without Spiritual Transformation. Therefore, we hold four (4) Evangelistic Missions every year in partnership with rural churches to extend the Kingdom of God and to share the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ to the lost souls of Uganda. During these week-long missions, we hold open air meeting, door to door evangelism, concerts, Gospel Films, and soccer matches to preach the Gospel to the community. Afterward, we follow up with new Christian discipleship classes through the church.

Each of these weeks normally cost about $2,000. That includes, food, transport, sound system, and materials for the missionaries/evangelists. We also buy Bibles for the church to help the new Christians. Seventy-Two Bibles in Luganda and English are approximately $600 for the church we are working with.

Wise Choices for Life

CWI partners with Wise Choices for Life (WCFL) to inspire a change of thinking among the youth, women and men. That they can make an informed decision on Sexual and Reproductive matters.

WCFL training gives a Christian Worldview about Sexual and Reproductive Health. It imparts correct knowledge and practical skills to communities to help break the poverty cycle.

CWI conducts community trainings in the various districts of Uganda to impact Ugandans in the rural communities. We also hold Train the Trainer workshops for those who want to better serve their communities. These trainings include skills of Social Worker, Development Worker, Health Worker, Educators, Church Leaders and others.

Trauma Healing

CWI has staff trained with Trauma Healing Institute of the American Bible Society to enable them to conduct Trauma Healing Groups. CWI collaborates with local communities to have a Trauma Healing Group and then, conducts a “Convening Meeting” with the local chiefs, church leaders, and community leaders to explain what is going to be done.

The Trauma Healing Training combines best mental health practices and Bible based models to respond to trauma in the community. It gives the church a chance to offer comfort to a hurting world and present the Loving Savior, who is the Wonderful Counselor and the Healer of broken hearts.

CWI uses Trauma Healing Groups to help comfort those with heart wounds. Many individuals and families are encouraged to give up their pain and bring it to the foot of the cross.



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